Stretch Film and Why it’s Great

The correct inner packaging of cartons are selected, and usually, they’re enclosed within something.  You need to bring these to the market and make sure that they land safely in warehouses and retailers.  Once they’re assembled, you can get damage-free delivery from this, and measures are taken to secure this. Plastic sheets are an example of this, since they can wrap these snugly to prevent items from shifting, and is good for boxes, parcels, and tubes if you’re worried they may damage during shipment.

Stretch film addresses the shipping tasks, so the best varieties are based on configuration and sizes of orders. Manual stretch film is good for businesses of all sizes, and there are so many different types. Some facilities use automaton benefits with their stretch film machine to get it to the correct capabilities. Whatever shipping and warehousing need you have, if you use stretch film, you can reduce the damage loss and keep the shipping and operations flowing in a smooth manner.

White and black stretch film at white background

Some film is stretch by hand, while others are automated by machines. The best method depends on the volume, the order size, and other factors.  Some cast machine varieties are capable of stretching the film up to 250%, which in turn will provide tightly contained pieces to ship.  Irregularly shaped bundles benefit from the blown machine stretch film, which is puncture resistant and it will perform well under extreme conditions. Films that are clear are good for packing lists and are good for identifying products, but opaque blown film ones are good for concealment.

There is a hand stretched film too which you stretch manually around items using dispensers rather than machines. These are good for uniform loads, and they are good for those that are for varying weights. For example, the 60 gauge film, for example, is good for loads that weight up to 1600 pounds, while the 120-gauge ones are good for up to two tons of goods.

The film used for this is usually anti-static as well as having assorted colors. The colored ones are good for inventory control and allows shippers to get the outer wrap colors they want. For those that are irregularly shaped, they can also use clear blown film or the black variety which will hide the items once they’re wrapped. The corrosion inhibitors are present within the VCI stretch film, which is good for wrapping larger metal parts. There are further accommodating hand stretch film uses too, and you can even get them for dispensers as well, and they sometimes don’t need equipment either.

If you do use this, you may need to convert it for smaller bundles as well. stretched bonding film is good to secure items during transit, and it’s more affordable than strapping and tape, and the colored film type is good for allowing you to identify various aspects as well. Whether you’re shipping pallets that are fully loaded or bundling parcels, you need a stretch film to increase protection.